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Top 10 Tax Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

As per market predictions, the tax technology market is set to witness significant growth this decade – the combined effect of countries developing more advanced tax systems and growing digitalization of the tax industry. Spearheading this growth is the rapid adaptation of cutting-edge tax strategy software and accounting practice management programs by tax authorities around the globe.

Tax software providers are constantly tweaking and improving their products to improve their performance and keep up with the way tax consultancies and accountants work. The new-age tax technology solutions providers incorporate state-of-the-art technology to enable the smooth handling of taxes across a globalized economic system. Incorporating ongoing trends like increasing adoption of cloud-based accounting software, accounting automation, system integrations, real-time reporting, and smart data analytics into their solutions, numerous tax technology vendors are ensuring that accounting professionals are ready to take on the biggest challenges in their fields.

Clearly, tax firms and consultants looking to implement the latest tax technology solutions have a vast plethora of options to choose from. To assist companies in choosing the appropriate tax technology suited for their specific needs, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, VCs, and other thought leaders from the industry, along with the editorial board of CFO Tech Outlook, has selected the leading providers of cutting-edge tax tech solutions looking to offer their expertise to the widest market possible.

In this edition, we present CFO Tech Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Tax Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2021.’

    Top Tax Tech Solution Companies in Europe

  • CoinTracking is a global leader in cryptocurrency tracking and tax reporting. It analyses trades and generates real-time reports on profit and loss, the value of coins, reports for taxes and more. The company has over 930,000 users with currently 24.7 billion US-Dollars total worth of all portfolios. In addition, CoinTracking’s worldwide professional network consists of more than 160 tax advisors and lawyers to assist with international tax filing. CoinTracking’s reasonable subscription prices and robust features have helped it remain the world’s premier cryptocurrency tax tool. One key reason for its continued success is that its dedicated development team is constantly expanding CoinTracking’s capabilities

  • ExpressSteuer develops intelligent software solutions that automate the administrative processes in tax consulting and significantly reduce the processing time of tax return. With ExpressSteuer’s help, one can automate their entire business or professional tax preparation using the powerful, timesaving tools included with the company’s professional tax software as well as advisory services

  • Established in 2003, Global Tax Reclaim has gone on to become an end-to-end Global Indirect Tax solution provider of choice for numerous companies worldwide. The company’s long line of specialized services includes VAT Compliance, Cross Border VAT Reclaim, JCT Reclaim, Domestic VAT Reclaim, Customs, and International Trade Consultancy. They utilize robotics, intelligent Optical Character Recognition (iOCR) as well as Application Programming Interfaces (API) at each and every step that results in a wide range of configurations helping clients leverage their existing operations, leading to a high rate of Indirect Tax efficiencies

  • Taxdoo offers the automated compliance platform for the digital economy, helping e-commerce sellers and other digital businesses reduce their time and costs to handle compliance issues. Further, Taxdoo assists with assessment and monitoring where the transaction data is automatically evaluated for VAT purposes, such as delivery thresholds or foreign warehouse usage in other EU countries. This enables continuous monitoring of VAT obligations with no requirement of manual data analysis. Taxdoo data can further be exported to the seller’s accounting system allowing them to easily collaborate with local tax advisors

  • Wolters Kluwer’s TaxWise enables tax and accounting professionals and businesses of all sizes drive productivity, navigate change, and deliver better outcomes. With workflows optimized by technology and guided by deep domain expertise, the company help organizations grow, manage, and protect their client’s businesses. Further, TaxWise offers the largest variety of bank product programs, ranging from low-cost options to traditional offerings

  • Tax Systems

    Tax Systems

    Tax Systems is a leading supplier of tax technology solutions and services in the UK and Ireland. Its solutions automate the end-to-end compliance process, increase efficiency and reduce operational risk so that tax and finance professionals can focus on delivering more value to their business or clients. Tax Systems has been helping customers digitally prepare and submit their corporation tax since 1992 with Alphatax, its flagship offering files over 160,000 returns a year. The company offers Alphatax, that is used by 150+ top accountancy firms in the UK & Ireland, and more than 1,000 tax functions within corporations, including 43% of the UK FTSE 100

  • Vatglobal


    Vatglobal is an international VAT technology company providing outsourced indirect tax services. The business is wholly owned by the VAT IT Group, a privately owned multinational company with over 1,000 employees and offices in over 40 countries. Vatglobal has offices in London, New York, Dubai and Johannesburg, and our team has grown organically by providing a one-stop-shop solution for professional tax services in over 110 countries worldwide. The outsourced service is provided by a dedicated account manager, so the customer experience is focused on the client service, but with a personal touch. We have also invested significantly in technology to build systems and processes that supplement the human element to provide an automated VAT compliance service. At Vatglobal we pride ourselves as a multinational industry leader in outsourced tax management solutions and International VAT/GST compliance management

  • CrossBorder Solutions

    CrossBorder Solutions

    CrossBorder Solutions is a global leader in technology-driven tax solutions. Its advanced AI tax expert can help businesses move from the old ways to the new with greater clarity, efficiency and more cost-effectively than ever before



    Osome is an international fintech startup making the lives of entrepreneurs easier. Osome is the silent hero in the background helping over 6,000 businesses spend less time on routine admin and more time on changing the world for the better. The company makes use of machine learning and complex algorithms to build mobile and web products and automate accounting, tax, company formation, and other tasks. Osome has over 200 staff representing 15 nationalities, offices in Singapore (HQ), London, Hong Kong, Moscow, and Kuala Lumpur

  • VAT IT

    VAT IT

    VAT IT specialises in identifying, researching and perfecting foreign Tax refund opportunities for our clients. Its core service offering is Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds for foreign corporations transacting in the European Union (EU), Australia, Japan & the Gulf States. Throughout the EU and elsewhere, Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on various transactions. This includes your stay at a hotel, rental of exhibition space, services or supplies provided by suppliers and the importation of goods to name but a few. Foreign businesses are entitled to a refund of this Value Added Tax (VAT)